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The Power Within – Part Two

They placed her head down and dropped the axe. “Mom!” I screamed as her head rolled away. Her smile was still there. It was the last straw. I had watched them take my sister. Now, they had taken my mother. Something inside me snapped.

I stepped down from the stands and stood in front of the Witch Hunters. “I have something to say,” I said with a clear voice. My vision reddened.

“Who are you spoke to us so casually,” the king of Witch Hunters barked.

“That was my mother you just murdered.”

“Murdered? How dare you accuse us of such a thing? Our prosecution is just.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it!.”

He glared at me, trying to decide if I was worth his time. He smirked. I wasn’t. “I suggest you leave. Now.”

“No. I have something to say,” I paused. “You have seriously misjudged me. You will pay for that,” I replied and let the magic coursing with in me out. A wave of a toxic gas poured out of me. The Witch Hunters began to gasp for air. I walked over to the king as he tried to stay alive.

“How?” he choked.

“You thought only women had magic, but men have even more than we think.” I stood on the scale. The machine maxed out right away, then it blew up. “You see. That is true power, and I am more powerful than you could ever imagine.”

With a look of utter pain, the king took his final breath. His expression still there. I let the gas sip back into me like a calming inhale. It was done. My mother’s final wish was fulfilled. Now, the world could rest in peace.

[Vanessa Loya ©2019]

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Day 22, 23, & 31 – Inktober 2019

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The Power Within – Part One

“How could have come to this?” I thought. It was only yesterday that I sat peacefully watching TV at home. It was like any other night, except the Witch Hunters stormed my home, accusing my mother of being a witch. Of course, she pleaded with them, telling them they were wrong. But they were never wrong. Never. Even when they were, they weren’t.

So, I watched as my mother was placed on the scale. It measured how much magic she had. It was believed that only women had magic, but it was the amount that counted. Have too much, and you were executed on the spot, no questions asked. Forty-nine women had lost their heads to the corrupt beyond repair system. Most of the women were completely innocent. They only had the minimum amount of magic. My mother had told me as much. She had the sight to see the magic level of others. She was just like those women, minimal magic.

I shook so violently my vision blurred as I watched the scale start to calculate my mother. I was about to explode with fury, but I had to keep it together for her. We both knew what was coming, but she wouldn’t want me to show my fear to the Witch Hunters. The machine scale lied like it always does. She had maxed it out. Something that had never happened before.

“No,” I breathed.

She turned to me with a look of peace. She knew her fate. She knew there was nothing she could do to change it. “Daniel,” she called to me. “Son, only you can change to the world. Use everything you have within you. Show them what true power means,” she told me with a smile. I tried to respond, but it was like something held my voice in my throat. It was all so hopeless.

To be continued…

[Vanessa Loya ©2019]

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The Zombie

The fresh autumn breeze made Marybeth sick. Mixed with the scent of autumn was the stench of rotten flesh. She tried not to think of what could be nearby. It was her first night alone after the zombies had eaten her friends. The cabin she found earlier that day was far from anything. The stars at night were bright, like a million tiny nightlights.

It was only safe to travel at night since the zombie were afraid of the dark. Such irony. A monster be afraid of the dark. The slightest amount of light attracted them. So, Marybeth walked carefully toward the cabin she had stayed the night in, thinking about her family. Her parents were divorced, and her older brother was in college. She was all alone.

Three days before, the world changed. Zombie became real when a crazy virus swept the globe, turning ordinary people into brain-eating monsters. Marybeth had been at a rave with a few friends when the virus infected a few of the ravers. Chaos ensued. Zombies attacked and tore through people’s skulls. Those who weren’t eaten changed, joining the zombie ranks. It was a zombie movie come to life. Two of her friends had survived the attacked, and all three of them got away. They ran for two day, but then her friends were both made into zombie food.

Her life was obviously over. She had no way to know if her family was alive. She had lost her phone at the rave, but that didn’t matter. Phone services didn’t work anymore. Things collapsed fast. It was almost unbelievable. Almost.

There was a noise behind her. She quickly turned to see a zombie standing here watching her. It used to be a woman from the looks of it. Her long hair had almost fallen all the way out and her makeup was smeared all over her face. Blood covered her from head to toe. Her eyes were black. The worst part was the smell of rotten flesh. The woman was dead but alive. The living dead.

Marybeth took a step back as the zombie watched her. It was like a predator watching her pray. But then it moved back, realizing that Marybeth was more than just prey. Marybeth smirked, pulling out a fist of her own hair. The deep bite itched on Marybeth’s leg, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was brains.

[Vanessa Loya ©2019]

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My Jekyll and Hyde

The woman’s scream pierced the silent night. I knew right then where the beast was. I ran toward the scream, gun in hand. When I made it, the monster ripped his razor-sharp teeth into flesh and bone. Blood splattered at my feet, sprinkling my shoes with crimson.

The beast was eight feet tall. His teeth like a shark, and nose like a pig. His fur was grey like a wolf. His four massive paws had claws like a grizzly bear. I couldn’t believe it was him. I wanted to believe this was another creature stalking the night.

I watched in fear as he tore the woman apart. “Sam,” I breathed. The sound of him gorging on the woman’s body was grotesque. Taking a step back, my heel hit a rock. The monster’s coyote-like ears shifted toward me. I froze. Shit. He’s blood-red eyes glanced at me and the gun in my hand.

Deciding I was a threat, he turned to me and snarled. Flesh hung between his teeth. Blood dripped from his muzzle. He watched me. A predator watching his prey.

“Sam,” I called, slowly raising my unarmed hand. “It’s me.”

He snapped at me. It was like a warning more than a threat. Then, he backed away almost like a scared puppy. He didn’t want to hurt me. Suddenly, he lunged at me with a growl as if he had forgotten who I was. “Sam, don’t,” I cried out. He stopped and snarled at me.

I sighed. It was time to end this. “I love you, Sam,” I whimpered and shot him with a dart. He hollered in pain as the serum transformed him back to his true form. The naked body of a man lay at me feet, breathing slowly. I fell to my knees and cried over him.

“Sara, I’m sorry,” he muttered. “I thought the formula would work this time,” he said with tears in his gorgeous blue eyes. They looked at me with so much love.

“Sam,” I sobbed. He smiled as his eyes started to close. “Stay with me, Sam,” I cried.

He opened his eyes and caressed my cheek. “Sara, I…” he started to say, but his hand dropped, and his eyes grew cold and empty. He was gone, taking my heart with him. He was my love, my life, my Jekyll and Hyde.

[Vanessa Loya ©2019]

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Day 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17 – Inktober 2019

Day Seven: Enchanted
Day Eight: Frail
Day Nine: Swing
Day Ten: Pattern
Day Eleven: Snow
Day Twelve: Dragon
Day Thirteen: Ash
Day Fourteen: Overgrown
Day Fifteen: Legend
Day Sixteen: Wild
Day Seventeen: Ornament
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The Scream Queen

The night was dark and cold. The leaves shuttered in the howling wind. Nora only wished that a wolf was after her, but she wasn’t so lucky. She ran. Her bare feet raw as the rough asphalt scraped away at her skin. It was a miracle she hadn’t started to bleed yet, but she couldn’t stop. Not now. Not ever. She had to survive no matter what it took.

She glanced back to see if the monster was gaining on her. There it was only a few feet from her. A humanoid creature that walked on to legs, but they were legs unlike hers. Green scales and webbed clawed feet. Talons for hands with nails so sharp they could cut her clean in half without much effort. But the worst part was the face. It had a man’s features, but with shark teeth. Blood dripping from the corners of its mouth. And when I growled, the sound sent a sharp, piercing shriek through the night air. So, Nora ran like her life depended on it, because it did.

Tripping, Nora tumbled to the ground. She turned to see the beast standing over her. Its eyes watched her like a lioness watched its prey. She shook violently as she tears ran down her dirty face. As it lunged at her, she screamed. Her lungs felt like they could burst by how loud she was. Her voice echoed.

“Cut!” the director shouted. The monster stepped back as a crew member ran over to him, holding a cup of water.

Nora stood and brushed herself off. Her feet felt like they were about to fall off, but she couldn’t stop running. She desperately needed this job. She was the perfect picture of starving actress. So, Nora ran like her life depended on it, because it did.

“How was that?” she asked the director.

“That was a good take. I think we finally got it. Nice work,” he replied, walking away.

Nora let out a breath of relief. This was the movie that was going to make or break her career. She had dreamed of becoming the next Barbra Steele. She wanted to be the next queen of the scream queens no matter what it took or how loud she had to scream.

[Vanessa Loya ©2019]