flash fiction, micro-fiction

The Scream Queen

The night was dark and cold. The leaves shuttered in the howling wind. Nora only wished that a wolf was after her, but she wasn’t so lucky. She ran. Her bare feet raw as the rough asphalt scraped away at her skin. It was a miracle she hadn’t started to bleed yet, but she couldn’t stop. Not now. Not ever. She had to survive no matter what it took.

She glanced back to see if the monster was gaining on her. There it was only a few feet from her. A humanoid creature that walked on to legs, but they were legs unlike hers. Green scales and webbed clawed feet. Talons for hands with nails so sharp they could cut her clean in half without much effort. But the worst part was the face. It had a man’s features, but with shark teeth. Blood dripping from the corners of its mouth. And when I growled, the sound sent a sharp, piercing shriek through the night air. So, Nora ran like her life depended on it, because it did.

Tripping, Nora tumbled to the ground. She turned to see the beast standing over her. Its eyes watched her like a lioness watched its prey. She shook violently as she tears ran down her dirty face. As it lunged at her, she screamed. Her lungs felt like they could burst by how loud she was. Her voice echoed.

“Cut!” the director shouted. The monster stepped back as a crew member ran over to him, holding a cup of water.

Nora stood and brushed herself off. Her feet felt like they were about to fall off, but she couldn’t stop running. She desperately needed this job. She was the perfect picture of starving actress. So, Nora ran like her life depended on it, because it did.

“How was that?” she asked the director.

“That was a good take. I think we finally got it. Nice work,” he replied, walking away.

Nora let out a breath of relief. This was the movie that was going to make or break her career. She had dreamed of becoming the next Barbra Steele. She wanted to be the next queen of the scream queens no matter what it took or how loud she had to scream.

[Vanessa Loya ©2019]

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